Indulge in our finest collection yet

It has been an exceptional year for Stephan Welz & Co. We were privileged to showcase and auction some of the most well-known names in art, like Irma Stern, Pablo Picasso, Vladimir Tretchikoff, Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef and many other notable artists.

The most exciting result was undoubtedly Picasso’s Au Cirque, the first original Picasso drawing to be offered in our rooms in over twenty years, which fetched R3 478 800 after some heated bidding while simultaneously creating a lot of attention from the media. Other notable results include Tretchikoff’s Hindu Dancer which achieved R1 391 520, Maud Sumner’s Still Life With Yellow Flowers which achieved R695 760 and Nelson Makamo’s Girl With Balloon which at R347 880 set a world record for the artist.

We are proud to showcase some of the most iconic artists for our final auction of the year on 22 & 23 November 2016 in Johannesburg. It contains various paintings from Pierneef, with Cottage in a Karoo Landscape undoubtedly his best on display. Irma Stern’s Camel Riders truly showcases her amazing technique. George Pemba’s Village Scene With Elders provides the viewer with a depiction of the emergence of democracy in South Africa.

We also have a wide selection of sculptures on auction, with the iconic Anton Smit’s Ghemo Speed the highlight.

Viewing starts on 18 November 2016 and runs until 21 November 2016. You can also collect your complimentary catalogue at our Johannesburg offices in Sandton.

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Make sure you indulge in our finest collection yet.

  • Lot 548
Jacob hendrik Pierneef's cottage in a Karroo Landscape
Jacob hendrik Pierneef’s cottage in a Karroo Landscape

Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (South African 1886 – 1957)


(R700 000 – R1 400 000)


  • Lot 545
Irma Stern's Camel riders
Irma Stern’s Camel riders

Irma Stern

(South African 1894 – 1966)



  • Lot 541
George Mnyalaza Milwa Pemba Village scene with elders
George Mnyalaza Milwa Pemba Village scene with elders

George Mnyalaza Milwa Pemba

(South African 1912 – 2001)



  • Lot 523
Anton Smit Ghemo Speed
Anton Smit Ghemo Speed

Anton Smit

(South African 1954 – )