A solid investment

    A solid investment

    With a housing backlog of over 2.5 million units and growing, the opportunity to supply the local building industry with high volumes of quality building products is an exciting prospect and one that warrants careful attention from potential investors.

    This is the reason why Park Village Auctions is abuzz as it gets ready to auction three high-volume brick lines alongside equipment and items required to start a successful brick manufacturing plant.

    The auction will be held on site at 10:30am on Tuesday.

    It will include three Birkenmayer VB4X brick manufacturing machines each with hydraulics, electrical and control systems, a one-ton pan mixer, automated aggregate weigh belt system with a skip, a gantry including two electrical hoists and clamps, a boom scraper, 40-ton silo including a screw conveyer, stock mould and tamper, maxi mould and tamper, 1000 pallets, and a 2.5 tons-per-hour steam boiler.

    PVA’s LeRoy Augustyn says: “These plants are designed to produce high volumes of bricks (up to two-million bricks per month) and represent a perfect opportunity to supply the housing market, especially in areas where backlogs exist or where there are ongoing developments.

    “The lots will be sold via an attorney holding special power of attorney. Assets to be sold separately and then again as one lot and the highest bid or combination of bids will be considered. The entire operation at 26 Union Street, Vereeniging may also be bought as a going concern.”

    When and where

    Viewing will take place on February 16 and 19, from 10am to 3pm.

    For additional details go to parkvillageauctions.co.za or call 087 160 0521 for more information. Web Reference 16872

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