Auctions are the best means of raising funds

    Auctions are the best means of raising funds

    Expansion plans need not always be funded by traditional means such as bank loans or other interest-attracting forms of financing, says Park Village Auctions CEO Roy Lazarus.

    “In many instances, part of, or all of, the funds needed may be raised through the sale of unused equipment, vehicles, furniture and properties,” he says.

    “In these instances, auctions probably offer the best means of disposing of items as it provides an immediate turn-around time, no suspensive conditions and is safe and trouble-free.”

    Park Village Auctions has been assisting companies to raise capital in this manner for many years, explains Lazarus.

    “We have built up an impressive set of value-added tools which ensures sellers get a fair price for unneeded goods,” he says.

    “Our services include inventory valuations and perfecting of special and notarial bonds and asset disposals, as well as advise on asset stripping, downsizing and restructuring of inventories and other vital issues.”

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