Bargain-hunting women thrive at auctions

    Bargain-hunting women thrive at auctions

    Keen eyes and the ability to sniff out bargains can give women the upper hand when it comes to bidding for properties on South Africa’s thriving property auction scene.

    This is according to leading auctioneer Eleanor Redman, director of Park Village Auctions, who says long gone are the days of women standing at the back while men do the bidding. Rather, women these days are active participants and make up a growing portion of bidders at the company’s auctions.

    She says modern day auctions are professional events that are geared to giving everybody a fair chance and even offer those who cannot physically attend the opportunity to participate through online auctions.

    As a result, the number of property bids won by women is growing and leading to a renewed vigour in the industry.

    Local research conducted by Lightstone Property, also shows that women are proportionally the biggest buyers of all property in South Africa, having recently overtaken men and married couples to take the top spot. It also shows that female owners largely dominate in Gauteng and to a lesser extent in the Eastern Cape, while in other provinces they may not lead the way but are right up there

    “Investors regard auctions as one of their primary means of acquiring properties and with women playing the largest role in the industry, it is no surprise they are also swelling the ranks at our auctions. It makes for healthier competition among bidders and brings an interesting dynamic among our bidders.

    “We welcome the growing numbers of women and invite all potential buyers and investors to come and experience the energy and excitement for themselves,” Redman says.

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