Bloem farm land for sale

    Bloem farm land for sale

    Farmers should pay particular attention to the auction of more than 3 300ha of farms in the Bainsvlei area near Bloemfontein. The auction will be held on May 30 and 31 and will include five farms as well as loose assets and farm implements.

    A portion of the farm Philandspan will be offered on Wednesday, May 30 at 11am. This farm spans approximately 1 350ha and comprises 1 340ha dry lands with cement dams and cribs. It has a grain storage/handling facility, 1 000-ton silo and 750-ton storage shed, all connected to a grain loader, hoppers and loading point.

    On May 31 at 11am portions of the farms Donkerhoek, Harrowgate and Dwaalhoek will be offered, as well as the farm implements. This auction will be presented on the farm Harrowgate (also known as Donkerhoek).

    The Donkerhoek farms comprise 1 430ha with 520ha of grazing lands and 665ha dry lands.

    One portion has 120ha under equipped irrigation, with 17 boreholes – 14 coupled to the irrigation and reservoirs – eight mother lines and four five-tower centre pivots with water rights for four circles. The other Donkerhoek farm has a cement dam and three boreholes.

    Harrowgate has 250ha of grazing and 30ha of dry lands. It also has cattle-handling facilities, three storage sheds, two houses and four worker’s houses.

    Dwaalhoek measures about 290ha and has two camps grazing of about 230ha.

    For more information and directions Van’s Auctioneers can be contacted on 086 111 8267 or their website or Facebook page can be viewed.

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