Easy pickings in Hopetown

    Easy pickings in Hopetown

    All farmers and investors are surely by now aware of this once-in-a-lifetime farm auction presented by Van’s Auctioneers on February 27 at 12pm, just outside of Hopetown on the Orange river.

    This public auction of the well-known prestigious farm Granary Normandien has attracted lots of interest and is not to be missed. This is, without doubt, the first auction of its magnitude in SA, price and property alike. A farm like this one rarely becomes available on auction.

    Van’s Auctioneers have been inundated with inquiries from prospective purchasers, and this auction will be the highlight auction for 2019.

    The auctioneer urges all interested buyers to engage with them timeously so as not to miss out on the opportunity to bid on this superb farming operation.

    The farm measures almost 3 800 hectares, with water rights for irrigation from the Orange river of just above 1600ha per annum. There is also just over 1 600ha under centre pivot and a pecan nut orchard was established three years ago.

    The orchard currently measures about 170ha and the farm presents the opportunity to expand this to about 800ha. The farm has over 2 000ha of natural grazing land.

    The water from the Orange river, which is very clean and of high quality, is pumped by nine main pumps (each with three lift pumps) to a catchment dam which measures about 14ha.

    From there it is pumped either directly to some of the pivots or to pump stations and then on to fields under pivot. The fields are irrigated by about 54 centre pivots.

    The farm currently maximises output with crop rotation between maize and wheat, as well as soya beans. The pecan nut trees should come into production in the next two or so years.

    The farm has its own fertiliser plant and mixing station, from where the correct volume of fertiliser can be mixed into the water before being pumped to the pivots. It also has a compost-producing field under a pivot.

    Improvements include offices, workshops, sheds, garages, worker’s houses and five other houses.

    All the farm implements and other movable assets will also be offered as one lot, firstly on their own and then with the farm as a going concern.

    Prospective purchasers are urged to visit the auctioneer’s website, Facebook page or YouTube channel to view information about the farm and the auction.

    Van’s Auctioneers can also be contacted on 086-111-8267.

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