Farm equipment up for sale

    Farm equipment up for sale

    Farm equipment auctions represent a viable solution for embatt led farmers to raise much needed capital while providing opportunities for others to procure machinery for day-to-day farming activities.

    While the ongoing drought and flailing national economy is making life tough for farmers, Park Village Auctions’ head of asset recoveries, LeRoy Augustyn, says the disposal of unwanted or unneeded farming equipment represents a good opportunity for farmers to raise funds quickly and easily.

    “During these tough times the affordability of new equipment is difficult and as a result many farmers are looking towards our auctions to find affordable used equipment they require to continue farming profitably.

    “The number of farm liquidations has unfortunately also increased and when these assets are put up for auction it creates a unique opportunity for buyers to find a wide range of complementary equipment under one roof. In these instances, fleets are usually still operational and ready for several more years of profitable farming.

    “In recent months we have auctioned everything from combine harvesters, to trucks, tractors, loaders, ploughs and all manner of other attachments and equipment. We therefore suggest that buyers watch the auction pages and pay daily visits to to seek opportunities and identify agricultural equipment required. Bidders can either attend the auction or log into the live online facility.”

    Simultaneously, farmers in need of financial assistance, can engage with Park Village Auctions to provide additional services to raise revenue.

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