Get bit by the collectors’ bug at the National Antiques Faire

    For antique aficionados, the beauty of collecting lies in the fact that one can start a collection buying what one can afford, but move on to investing in rarer and more valuable pieces.

    The collecting bug often comes from memories – perhaps from those lovely tea parties at Granny’s, complete with the full Royal Albert Moss Rose patterned tea set or that not-so-great memory of having to help her polish the silver!

    From 10am to 6pm on September 27 to 29 the Antique Faire will feature beautiful interiors and settings that will have you drooling. Dealers who specialise in particular genres will be exhibiting and ready to start you on the road to collecting anything, including:

    Exquisite porcelain and china, from complete dinner sets out of the English houses of Royal Albert and Royal Worcestor through exquisite vases from Moorcroft to intricate Chinese porcelain or earthy Kalahari Ware.

    Glassware has magic. See how the light bounces off its translucent surface, the eye-catching colours or the fluid shapes and patterns that make antique and decorative glassware so appealing. Shop for cut-glass crystal, sculptured Murano or Scandinavian art glass.

    Coins: With the price of precious metals and currencies on the up, our expert coin and currency dealers will advise you on these valuable alternate investments.

    Hot on the heels of the gold price is that of silver, and collecting antique silver is now at a premium, not only for its intrinsic value but for its craftsmanship. So choose to invest in a rare epergne, some caddy spoons or a stamped candelabra.

    Commanding top prices are 20th century designer handbags and accessories which have become collectors’ items.

    Jewellery, whether antique mourning jewellery, Art Deco or marcasite will always be a great investment.

    For those who might have that valuable heirloom or want to have their antiques valued, our expert valuators will be on hand.

    The highlight of the National Antiques and Decor Faire is their prestigious charity opening night on Thursday, September 26 from 6.30pm when socialite Carolyn Steyn will broadcast her Classic 1027 show live.

    This cheese-and-wine event costs R100 per person with money going to the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company’s teacher training and mentorship programme.

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