Get your hands on some style

    Get your hands on some style

    It’s time for collectors of classic cars to sit up and take note: some rare classic cars in mint condition are going under the hammer on Thursday, June 26.

    The first is the Rolls-Royce Corniche 1971 DHC (Convertible. It was handmade and hand-assembled from 1971 to 1988 – and only 3 224 were made.

    It has a magnificent colour combination: dark blue with cream shaded parchment hide, with a deep blue roof. This Classic Convertible is the ultimate in de- sign and styling, with original chrome bumpers.

    To top it off, it has had its present owner for the past 25 years and is reliable, well serviced and maintained.

    The second on the list to be auctioned off is a 1949 Bentley MKV1 Sports Saloon by Hooper, which is very unique: only one was ever made to this specification. It is a once-off design (no. 8197) for B448 DA.

    The first owner was Peter Merchant Ltd, as confirmed by Bentley Drivers Club archives in the UK. This classic car is hand-built and assembled by Hooper.

    It has an electric rear division, electric rear screen and electric driver’s window. The chassis mechanicals and engine were built by Rolls Royce/Bentley.

    The engine was blueprinted by a specialist to standard specifications (new pis- tons, rings and gaskets). The classic model is in excellent running condition and has only 300km on a fully restored engine, with beautiful woodwork and leather interior with the correct patina.


    When and where:

     Auction venue: Cricklewood Boutique Hotel, 193 Albert Street, Waterkloof
     Auction date: Thursday, July 26 at 11am  Contact Pieter Nel on 084-880-0165 or e-mail or visit

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