How property auctions can help you secure a speedy sale

    How property auctions can help you secure a speedy sale

    In a rather sluggish property market, the stress is immense for those property owners who would love to effect a quick sale before moving on to the next phase of their lives.

    There are ways to make this work to your advantage.

    A new service is available on the property market, offered by RE/MAX Infoglobe Auctions.

    In association with CAHi Auctioneers, this real estate office is drawing attention to the benefits of going the auction route when selling property.

    The biggest benefit? A speedy sale when you want it most. Gone are the days of an auction only being used in the event of wrapping up an estate or helping an owner in financial trouble.

    “The auction is an ingenious mechanism facilitating a fast sale,” broker/owner Marieth Kloppers explains.

    “It’s a well-oiled system in which you, the seller, determine the reserve price. There is only one show day or open hour, and the commission payable is included in the auction price.”

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