Hunt down a great wildlife opportunity

    Hunt down a great wildlife opportunity

    A breathtaking game farm catering to game hunting and offering accommodation, Oudefontein, will be on the block on Thursday, September 12 at 11am.

    The sale is to be held at A Lodge At Bloem. Oudefontein is located in the Eastern Cape next to two nature reserves, Tussen-die-Riviere – which forms a huge boundary of the farm – and Oviston, and is about 25km from the nearest town, Bethulie. It is easily accessible by roads.

    The auction will progress as follows:

    • Lot 1: ± 6 000 ha to be sold separately.
    • Lot 2: ± 2 200 game to be sold separately.
    • Lot 3: farm and game to be sold together.

    This beautiful farm was established in 1992 and has hosted international guests from America, Mexico, the UK, and the Philippines.

    An average of 90 trophy kudu bulls are hunted per year. The late owner was well-known in the international trophy hunting arena.

    He started the business in 1994 and over the years bought neighbouring land to expand his game farming activities.All inside cattle fences were removed so the game could graze and roam freely.

    The newly acquired farm areas were incorporated with proper game fencing as was the outside and border perimeter.

    With an unconfirmed game count of about 2 200 head following the 2019 culling and harvest, the farm boasts with wildlife including black wildebeest, blesbok, eland, gemsbok, lechwe, zebra, kudu and more.

    The farm offers a variety of truly amazing scenery, with small mountains, plains, trees and bushes.

    Being water rich, it consists of various cement and ground dams, boreholes equipped with windmills and natural fountains for watering holes.

    There are three dwellings. The main dwelling can serve as both a residence and accommodation for guests.

    The farm is further equipped with four fully equipped chalets with modern finishes, including a fireplace, air conditioning and tiled floors, close to the main dwelling; four servants quarters; a shooting range; a slaughter building with two built-in freezer rooms; a drying room and a newly constructed building with a fully equipped kitchen and bar facilities.

    The farm comes with Eskom three-phase electricity. There are no land claims pending on the property.

    Those interested should not miss out on this beautiful opportunity!

    See you on September 12 at 11am at A Lodge At Bloem.

    For more information contact Rudi Herbst on 082-695-6658, or visit

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