Now you can buy art on credit

    Now you can buy art on credit

    With the market for valuable art growing, a new finance product targeted at art collectors and buyers looking for a credit plan to finance their purchases had been developed by Aspire Art Auctions and Bidvest Bank.

    It offers collectors a chance to finance and improve their art investments.

    While not a conventional asset class, more attention is being paid to art as a competitive form of investment and an alternative to traditional financial assets in recent years.

    Over the last 20 years, the art market has increased in liquidity, with annual global growth around 36%.

    The auction house and bank are partnering for an art-specific financial product.

    Aspire Art Auctions is known in the fine art auction business for its ethical approach.

    Bidvest Bank is a tier-two bank, with a reputation as an entrepreneurial bank.

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