Own your own Brits game farm

    Own your own Brits game farm

    On July 24, 2019 at 11am Van’s Auctioneers will offer seven well-known properties in and around Brits on an auction to be held at the offices of Van’s Auctioneers in Koedoespoort Industrial in Pretoria.

    The first property is a commercial building with warehouses and retail space which is situated on the R512.  It has a Gross Leasable Area (GLA) of just above 3 000m² and offers rental income of just above R1 400 000 (including VAT) per annum.

    It features a meat market, butchery facilities, restaurant, a car wash, testing centre, houses and flats.

    A game farm with luxury improvements will be offered. The farm measures just above 270 hectares and is located in the mountains overlooking Brits.

    The farm has a five bedroom house which measures about 1 000m² and has great improvements, is fenced and has various camps. The farm is ideal for game breeding or as a hunting lodge.

    The Nissan Building, at 10 De Wits Avenue, measures more than 4 000m² and has a GLA of nearly 2 000m². It has a shopping centre with various tenants and has an annual income of R832 697 (including VAT).

    The LA-OPTA building in Van Velden Street has a gross GLA of just above 1 100m². It is zoned for general business and has various offices with a printing shop, restaurant and the department of education. It offers an annual income of above R1 700 000 (including VAT).

    The Shaft building in Hendrik Verwo erd Avenue currently offers rental income of just above R600 000 (including VAT) per annum. It features shops with various tenants, with storage area and ablutions.

    Lastly, an industrial building with a warehouse and offices at 16B Piet Rautenbach Street will be auctioned.

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