Sithole work under hammer

    Sithole work under hammer

    Tomorrow at Bordeaux an important and long-lost work by Lucas Sithole comes to the market after almost 60 years in a private family collection.

    This comparatively large Sithole was produced by the artist in response to the Coalbrook mining tragedy when, in 1959, 435 miners lost their lives when a mine shaft at the Coalbrook colliery caved in and trapped them.

    The horror and moral indignation of the story is compounded greatly by the fact that miners who had heard an explosion in the shaft and had hurried back up to the surface to escape the impending disaster were ordered back down into the mine with the threat of imprisonment for insubordination.

    Most of the miners were migrant workers from Mozambique and Zimbabwe and the Coalbrook Widow marks their tragedy with this pathos-laden figure of a widowed mother bereft of a husband and a breadwinner looking down eternally into the pit of the Coalbrook mine.

    More works from this auction include Wim Botha, (South Africa, 1974- ), Untitled 8, Mercy Painting, Norman Catherine, (South Africa, 1949-), Catch of the Day, Guna Massyn, (South Africa, 1951-1975), Untitled, Guna Massyn: Untitled.

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